Elton John and Tim Rice's AIDA

Nov 13 and 14 

sign in at 6:30pm


Cast Size: FlexibleCast Type: Ethnic RolesDance Requirements: Heavy
Character BreakdownAmneris
A beautiful and materialistic Egyptian Princess who is the betrothed of Captain Radames. Daughter of the Pharaoh.Gender: FemaleAge: 18 to 25Vocal range top: E5Vocal range bottom: E3RadamesAn Egyptian Captain and the son of Zoser. A strong, handsome, adventurous soldier who falls in love with Aida.Gender: MaleAge: 20 to 28Vocal range top: Ab5Vocal range bottom: G3AidaA beautiful, brave Nubian Princess who is loyal to her people but is torn between her heritage and love for an Egyptian Captain. Daughter of King Amonasro.Gender: FemaleAge: 18 to 25Vocal range top: F5Vocal range bottom: G3MerebA young Nubian slave and servant to Radames. He is faithful to his Nubian heritage and befriends Aida upon her arrival to Egypt.Gender: MaleAge: 16 to 21Vocal range top: A5Vocal range bottom: G3ZoserThe manipulative and evil Chief Minister hungry for power. He attempts to poison the Pharaoh and is father to Radames.Gender: MaleAge: 45 to 55Vocal range top: D5Vocal range bottom: D4PharaohThe Leader of Egypt and father to Amneris. An older, distinguished gentleman.Gender: MaleAge: 55 to 65NehebkaA Nubian slave who is friendly with Aida. She creates a robe for the Nubian Princess.Gender: FemaleAge: 20 to 35Vocal range top: E5Vocal range bottom: G3AmonasroAn honorable and peaceful man who is imprisoned by Egypt. The King of Nubia and father to Aida.Gender: MaleAge: 45 to 55
Ensemble Ministers; Soldiers; Egyptian Men; Palace Women; Nubians; Guards
-Auditions : 11/13 and 11/14 -Start Time : 6:30PM (first come first serve)-Prepare : 16 to 32 bars of music (rock,pop,cont.)                  Headshot and Resume 
Winner of four 2000 Tony Awards, Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida is an epic tale of love, loyalty and betrayal, chronicling the love triangle between Aida, a Nubian princess stolen from her country, Amneris, an Egyptian princess, and Radames, the soldier they both love.An enslaved Nubian princess, Aida, finds her heart entangled with Radames, an Egyptian soldier who is betrothed to the Pharaoh's daughter, Amneris. As their forbidden love blossoms, Aida is forced to weigh her heart against the responsibility that she faces as the leader of her people. Aida and Radames' love for one another becomes a shining example of true devotion that ultimately transcends the vast cultural differences between their warring nations, heralding a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity.