Bleacher Bums Audition Saturday  April 15 at 10am

Andrew Norelli Comedian/Storyteller comes to Mysterium Theater at the La Habra Depot Playhouse

with his show “Irritable Emotions Syndrome

April  29 at 7:01pm

 As seen on  Jimmy Kimmel, Letterman, Ted Talks  

General Adult Admission Tickets $20 

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The Marriage of Figaro- May 5-28

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This hilarious comedy takes us back to the roaring 20's with beautiful music by Mozart. 

 Mozart's brilliant  and zany comic opera The Marriage of Figaro,  opening May 5-28 at Mysterium Theater at the La Habra Depot Playhouse, follows the adventures of a household over one crazy day. Directed by Ray Buffer and Musical Direction by HH Hanson, this wacky tale has Masters lusting over their servants and those  servants are outwitting their masters.  This production, set in the roaring 20's,  is the Downton Abbey of opera, but a whole lot more fun!

 In a wealthy household in Seville, Figaro is marrying Susanna, but the Count wants to seduce her first. Marcellina wants Figaro and the Countess just wants her husband back. But Susanna is smarter than all of them. After a crazy day of disguise and duplicity, will she get her happily ever after?

 The Marriage of Figaro is a delightful night out, suitable for the whole family.  

Synopsis of the show:

     Act 1
  In the 18th century, in Spain, this story takes place on the wedding day of   Figaro and Susanna, Count Almaviva’s servants. Figaro is surprised to hear   Susanna’s confession: she is being pursued by the Count. Figaro gets angry,   and vows to foil the Count’s intentions.

  Act 2
  Figaro plans his strategy. It is that Susanna will write to the Count   agreeing to a rendezvous, but they will send the adolescent page, Cherubino,   dressed in women’s clothes. Figaro and Susanna get the Countess’s consent.   When they are disguising Cherubino, the Count unexpectedly arrives.   Unfortunately, Figaro’s plan failed.
  Additionally, Marcellina, an elderly woman, appears there with her lawyer,   Bartolo. They remind Figaro of the promise he made to marry Marcellina if he   failed to pay back the loan she made to him. Figaro and Susanna’s plans to   marry seem to be lost.

  Act 3
  But a big new truth is revealed. That truth is that Figaro who was an   abandoned baby, is the long-lost son of Bartolo and Marcellina. Figaro and   his parents embraced each other. Then, Susanna joins them. Figaro and   Susanna’s plans to marry go ahead without interruption. Further Bartolo and   Marcellina also marry, resulting in a double wedding.
  By the way, the Count... he continues to try seducing Susanna. The Countess is   amazed at his foolishness. She decided that she would disguise herself as   Susanna to meet him in the garden that night.

  Act 4
  That same night, the Count goes to meet Susanna in the garden of his mansion.   He makes a move on his wife who is dressed in Susanna’s clothes. The Countess   can get evidence of his affair. Then, she reveals herself to him. The Count   realizes that his lover is his wife, and is very surprised. However, the   Countess forgives her husband who regrets what he had done.      .

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